福士 恭子 





2003年-2010年、ラハティ市(フィンランド)ラハティ工科大学 (Lahti University of Applied Sciences)音楽学部ピアノ科、ラハティ市コンセルバトリー、ラハティ市ミュージック・インスティテュート非常勤講師




2015年フィンランド、ハメーンリンナ市にて行われたシベリウス生誕150周年記念フェスティバルSibelius Celebration、2019年フィンランドラハティコンセルバトリー創立100周年記念演奏会出演

2024年フィンランドラハティコンセルバトリーにてピアニスト ペーテル・ルンクヴィスト氏とデュオ・リサイタル開催

CD「Finnish Piano Music CANTUS ARCTICUS」がレコード芸術2015年9月号特選盤に選出される

2023年フルート丹下聡子、ヴァイオリン江頭摩耶とアンサンブル カメオ結成



Kyoko Fukushi 

Kyoko Fukushi studied piano at Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music in Budapest, Hungary, and at Basel Academy of Music in Basel, Switzerland. In Basel she graduated with Soloist Diploma with honors.

She received a diploma in Maria Canals International Competition in Barcelona, Spain in 1997 and 3rd Prize in International Competition in Foggia, Italy in 1999.

She has given piano recitals and chamber music concerts in Japan and throughout Europe.

Since 2012, she has continued an annual recital series titled “Aaltomuoto Sarja” which focuses the Finnish composers in Nagano, Yamanashi and Tokyo.

She has also performed at Sibelius Celebrations 2016 in Hämeenlinna, at the 100th anniversary concert of Lahti Conservatory in 2019, and a Duo recital with pianist Peter Lönnqvist at the Lahti Conservatory in Finland, 2024.

The CD “Finnish Piano Music CANTUS ARCTICUS” was selected as a special selection of Record Geijutsu’s September 2015 issue.

2003-2010 she has taught at the faculty of Music, in Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Lahti Concervatory and Lahti Music Institute. Since 2011 she is a General secretary of Japan Finland Contemporary Music Society.

In September 2015 her CD “Finnish Piano Music CANTUS ARCTICUS” was selected as a special honored edition by The Record Geijutsu in Japan.

In March 2024, she obtained the Teacher Certification from the British Alexander Technique Association (STAT).